Trust your designer ! You don’t know it all!

Very often I come across clients who seem to think they know a lot as they have spent endless hours on Pinterest and Instagram, gone thru lot of magazines, etc. But in the end they do end up realizing that they come with limited knowledge, as sometimes the dress they have seen is in brocade but the weather they want it for is summer or the color does not suit them. No fashion designer will ever put his reputation at stake so please place your trust in your designer.

Coming back to the beginning, when we give the professional their due by respecting their talent, they will be more than willing to do their best for you
I often get to hear concerns from brides like “Brocade will make me look bigger or velvet will give me a bulky look.” These are two beautiful fabrics and look great when worn right. The trick lies in the designing and tailoring. Do not deprive yourself of these lovely fabrics, just get the right person to help you.
Crepe is a much preferred fabric and rightly so as it can now be worn in summer and winter both.
When you want to add a little more interest to the suit/outfit, go for self crepe.
Georgette is the sober fabric for summer and can be dyed in lovely colors. You can shade it from light to dark also (what is now popularly known as the “ombre” effect).
Silk is the most exotic fabric which comes in some colors that are to die for. Alos, churidaars are best fitted in silk.
In olden days “Kinkhwab” was the fabric for the royalty. Now we all love to possess at least one.
Fabrics are very important for the fall of an outfit so choose them carefully. Often we tell the designer to change the color or fabric as we have the same color or we don’t want this fabric, but always keep in mind the outfit can go wrong and we can be disappointed if we try to alter the original. Ask for the designer’s guidance and stick with it.
A designer is a person whose job is to visualize and transfer designs to reality successfully keeping in mind your likes and what will enhance your personality, show faith in your designer!

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